Jst Jones Defies Conformity with Fragments

Jones Tembo aka Jst Jones released the Fragments EP earlier this year. Fragments appears to be the third release in Jones’s discography which includes a beat tape released in 2018. At first listen, my initial reaction was that this project was fragmented and thus lacked the cohesion in order for it to be deemed a credible project. However, judging any project by that standard alone is unfair and this project deserved a few more listens after that. On what I believe was my third listen, I came to the epiphany that perhaps, the lack of cohesion was the concept of the EP all along. The diverse subject matter strengthens this resolve and brought me to the realisation that calling it Fragments was actually a stroke of genius.

The production on Fragments is what may be colloquially referred to as “new wave” beats. I could be terribly wrong with that reference, but forgive me, I am 37, LOL! The instrumentals definitely took a lot of getting used to, as an old head I was raised on traditional Boom Bap and G Funk instrumentals, so the instrumentals took me way out of my listening comfort zone, LOL. However, one traditional aspect of Hip Hop that Jones does not deviate from is that he rides his beats very well, and his vocal delivery perfectly complements his production. I assumed that he handled majority of the production as he dropped a beat tape last year.

We are introduced to Jones as being born again and saved from the introductory track Pre(lude) Destined and the entire project is besieged with references to his Christian affiliation. The project peaks at track 4, Truth and The Life, where he spits, “Holy water, bread of life/No time for snacks in this sight.” The project is a collection of five songs, and spans a length of just under 15 mins. I would definitely like to hear more from Jones, but so far this project displays that he has the potential to be a creative force and the non-cohesive Fragments is evidence of this.

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By Yombo “That Boy J” Mutumba

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