Dennis Red PTSD Vol.1 Review

Dennis Red is the artist formerly known as D2S (Dead 2 Sin) and has been doing his thing since 2011. He released his debut project Victory Mixtape to Critical acclaim in 2012 with assistance from gEO Musiwa and friend DJ Terror. He followed up with his album “Mass Hysteria” in 2016.

His latest release PTSD Vol.1: Descending though very short with just two songs packs a heavy punch! Both songs feature the hugely talented Tio who delivered beautiful vocals and just gave the songs that extra spice. Dennis has been brave enough to address a topic most people shy away from especially in Zambia where it is almost a taboo to discuss “Mental Health.”

His words are brutally honest and heartfelt – you can tell that this is a personal journey we are being taken for in these two songs. Would have loved for him to have done a longer project a go more in-depth with this project but my suspicion is there will be a Vol.2 – Looking forward to visuals as well – I believe Dennis is a very talented Graphic artist as well!

Get the project here:-

Dennis also hosts a podcast called “Don’t forget to Live” that can be found on Spotify

Connect with Dennis: @DennisRed93

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