The Scripters Volume 1 Review

Tylo and MC are the scripters! Two Lusaka based Rappers that Bar for Bar are representing Hip Hop culture and keeping it in its purest form. This four track project leaves you wanting more and is a great example of iron sharpens iron as both of them go toe to toe with neither of the two over shadowing the other. These wordsmiths are great at painting lyrical landscapes and draw you into the song almost like the listener is putting on VR headsets!

The production on track 1 “Dope Boi” was handled by Xcal the plug and the rest of the project was produced by Tylo which is very impressive! It would be great to get a full length project from The Scripters or even solo projects with production for other producers. My stand out song and one which I feel sums up who the Scripters are is “Not Us” – The words “We ain’t who you want it with” ring loud and is a reflection of their lyrical prowess.

Listen to The Scripters Vol.1 here:-

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