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It is evident that Stevo put his all into the creation of “Saved The Album” as he refers to it! The intro featuring  Daev is the perfect opening to this amazing body of work and one can tell that he couldn’t wait to release this project with lines such as “misozi nina gwesa ya zula pool, benze uzafa manje ba puba hmmm” this echoes the blood, sweat, tears and hard work that went into putting this all together.

Coming from his time at XYZ and now with his own imprint Guru Nation Stevo has skyrocketed into a formidable emcee whose sharp lyricism and major presence in the Zambian Hip Hop scene will never be questioned. Having Power featuring Chef 187 as the opening song to the album was fitting – both emcees don’t disappoint going toe to toe telling us what they would do if they had the “POWER” – “Choka mu Ghetto? Awe ni chosa ghetto mu ghetto…vutikeko na deco, tivuteko buteko, buseko idyeko – enzo kamba nasila ali mu circle na nseko” – Immaculate wordplay from the pa mtunda wordsmith.

The 21 track Saved is packed with features on 20 of the songs except “Nanikane”. While many might see this as over kill – we are currently in a time where streaming numbers are important for an artist – collaborating with different artists increases the streams because you are tapping into different fan bases. The album is very diverse, with great production and there is no dull moment despite the length. Stevo is really good at telling stories – not only his but also the everyday Zambian trying to make ends meet as can be heard on the song Fearless with Kantu, Bmak and Tiye-P.

All in all – Saved is a great album that is one of the standout projects of 2019! The rollout for the album started a few months ago with the release of a number of singles and videos such as Nekha with Kekero, Sandals off with Flexville Marley as well as Power with Chef 187 and Nkoloko with Willz prior to the album release. Stevo also had a successful album release party at Hollywood City on the 10th of October 2019 seeing him sell cds worth K15,000. Stevo’s independent grind is one that should be admired and many upcoming artists can emulate – He has managed to build himself a sizeable following within a few years and the support he is receiving for this album is a testament to that!

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Album Review by Duncan Sodala @theholstarmusic

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  1. Dope review for an equally dope project. I like raising the awareness about artists being concerned about streaming numbers and how securing features from other established artists helps tap into their respective fan bases too. Well written Duncan, its concise and thorough st the same time

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